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Is film really dead?

    Film photography has created so many great memories not only for photographers but for many other great creatives and artist as well. The era of film photography could be considered to some as the era of which photography was in its absolute prime.  Many of your old favorite album covers or even portraits were more than likely done during the era of film photography and will always be around.     The present and near future seem very promising for film photographers and you can read everywhere that film is back...but aren’t we celebrating a bit too fast?     The global market for film peaked in 2003, when nearly a billion rolls of film were sold. But by 2012, Kodak,...

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Interview with @miguelbmelo

Hello! Could you introduce yourself?     I’m Miguel Melo, Lisbon (Portugal) based web-developer by trade and street photographer in my spare time. How did you got into photography?    I first started taking photography more seriously when out of a dare my twin brother and I started challenging each other on who could make the best pictures. From there the story is pretty simple, I got hooked straight into street photography. What did you like about photography?    I think there is just something captivating and interesting about finding beautiful light and moments around the streets and since street photography has a certain photojournalistic approach to it I always include people in my photos. To be honest I don’t much...

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