Interview with @miguelbmelo

Hello! Could you introduce yourself?
     I’m Miguel Melo, Lisbon (Portugal) based web-developer by trade and street photographer in my spare time.

How did you got into photography?
    I first started taking photography more seriously when out of a dare my twin brother and I started challenging each other on who could make the best pictures. From there the story is pretty simple, I got hooked straight into street photography.

What did you like about photography?
    I think there is just something captivating and interesting about finding beautiful light and moments around the streets and since street photography has a certain photojournalistic approach to it I always include people in my photos. To be honest I don’t much care for landscape or streetscape photos, people make the photos more unique, more interesting.

What gear do you use?
    I don’t think that gear makes the photos or the photographer but for what it’s worth I’d rather invest in better-built, more long-lasting gear.

Currently I have a two digital cameras:

     A Panasonic GM1 (tiny little gem of a camera) and a Panasonic GX8 (for me, one of the streetphotography kings). As far as lenses go I mostly been shooting with a Panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4, 15mm 1.7 and 42.5mm f1.2. But I usually only carry one lens in my camera bag (can I always have a camera with me, even when going on a quick trip to the super-market).

Do you ever shoot film?
    Lately I’ve been really into film/analog photography, there is just something about the process and the colours that really draws me in. I really don’t think that shooting manual or analog makes one a better photographer or that film photos are better than digital. I just do it because it’s different, because it’s fun.

    For quite a while now I’ve been shooting with with a Nikon FA and a Nikkor 50mm f1.4, but I finally bit the bullet and bought my very first Leica camera.
Any particular films you like?
    My go to film stocks are Kodak’s Ultramax 400 (has beautiful contrast, beautiful vibrant colours and looks good even when pushed), Kodak’s Ektar 100 (really fine grain, great colours too, but has to be very carefully exposed, not under, not over and always shot at box speed) and finally Kodak’s Potra 400 (very forgiving and great all around film). I always have a lab develop my rolls but scan all the film myself.
Do you have any favorite photo or an interesting story behind one?
    I don’t think I have one favorite photo, it’s like choosing a favorite son, don’t have one. I tend not to skew the viewer by telling them a story behind a shot, that’s for the viewer to impart their own. That being said I really like how this shot I took recently came out


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